George Washington Bridge from Fort Lee Park at sunrise

Took advantage of the DST change last weekend to go and shoot sunrise with my brother from Fort Lee Park.  We didn’t realize you couldn’t drive up into the park that early, but we were able to find parking on the street not far away and walked up.  Once we got into the parking lot we saw a few deer moving about, clearly scurrying along as fast as possible away from us.  Watching sunrise from here was pretty cool.  From here  you could see parts of New York City slowly come alive as the sun moved higher and higher, and then watching the street lights become overpowered by first light.  After we finished shooting, we started to head back to the car and along the path there was a deer just sitting in the bushes, checking us out, maybe 15 feet away.

Let this be a lesson to all out there.  I didn’t do any prep work other than charging batteries so after I took a few shots I realized there was a bunch of dust on the sensor.  A smack of the head and then a realization that my cleaning kit was in my other bag so the photos didn’t come out as good as hoped.  Alas, lesson learned and sensor and lenses now cleaned thoroughly.

As we were shooting, we started to debate if there is a “bridge of the east coast”.  We decided that if there was, it probably is the Brooklyn Bridge but certainly the GWB deserves some consideration.

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