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Below are some of my favorite shots from 2010, hope you enjoy them!

Gramp’s Greenhouse

Gramp’s Greenhouse

My Grandfather’s greenhouse is a place of a few memories, more so because it has become so run down since his passing.  After my grandmother passed, the greenhouse was cleaned out so that most of the brush that had begun to grow inside was ripped out. With many of the features unearthed, I entered with camera in hand.

There is a double door system to enter so that the heat inside would not be let out.

A rope holds the door closed to keep out the deer.

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Something’s Fishy

Shot with a Nikon 10.5mm f/2.8G Fisheye Lens.  I have to say the lens was fun to shoot with.   I didn’t do a ton of shooting with it, but think architecture and landscapes would be my best usage with the lens.  I tried some portraits and just did not like the way they came out.

I picked the lens up for a week-long rental from Borrow Lenses, who I’ve rented glass from a few times and always had a pleasant experience.  The last time I rented, I ended up falling down a hill and had one the rented lenses on the camera.  The lens hood was totally trashed and a screw ended up getting stripped inside the camera, luckily I got their insurance so whatever the cost to fix the lens will be, it will only cost me 12% of that instead of the full amount.

Early Fall storm

Early last week we had a pretty sweet fall storm. From our apartment in Nob Hill, I was watching the wall of rain come in from the North Bay and work its way over Angel Island, then Alcatraz and finally hit landfall. I had the window in the bedroom wide open and let the first bit of mist just come into the room because it was that kind of rain that just smells good and brings back memories of childhood.  I shot some HDR photos during and after the storm, let me know what you think!