Something’s Fishy

Shot with a Nikon 10.5mm f/2.8G Fisheye Lens.  I have to say the lens was fun to shoot with.   I didn’t do a ton of shooting with it, but think architecture and landscapes would be my best usage with the lens.  I tried some portraits and just did not like the way they came out.

I picked the lens up for a week-long rental from Borrow Lenses, who I’ve rented glass from a few times and always had a pleasant experience.  The last time I rented, I ended up falling down a hill and had one the rented lenses on the camera.  The lens hood was totally trashed and a screw ended up getting stripped inside the camera, luckily I got their insurance so whatever the cost to fix the lens will be, it will only cost me 12% of that instead of the full amount.

A Fall Evening

A Fall Evening

There was an awesome sky tonight just before sunset.  My Nikon was in the front of the house so instead of missing it completely, I broke out my iPhone and used Pano to generate a panoramic photo.  While it doesn’t look great in the small size embedded above, click through to see a larger resolution.

This reminded me of Chase Jarvis’ motto, The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You.  Chase has developed an iPhone app and community all around the idea that no matter what camera you have with you, you just need to have one.  So far the community effort is focused on the iPhone but I’m sure we’ll see some new developments around the Droid and other phones.

My Best Camera photos can be seen here.