Gramp’s Greenhouse

Gramp’s Greenhouse

My Grandfather’s greenhouse is a place of a few memories, more so because it has become so run down since his passing.  After my grandmother passed, the greenhouse was cleaned out so that most of the brush that had begun to grow inside was ripped out. With many of the features unearthed, I entered with camera in hand.

There is a double door system to enter so that the heat inside would not be let out.

A rope holds the door closed to keep out the deer.

These cranks were used to open the windows on the sides.

Many of the panes of glass have broken.

The tub I remember Gramp giving their dog Dusty a bath in.

Many of the pots have survived.

Still many pots sit around, untouched for years.

Peeking inside through a broken glass pane.

Full panoramic from just inside the double door, view larger here.

Believe the bar was either used for support or a place to hang tools, view larger here.

If you would like to see more, visit the gallery of photos directly or just click on the thumbnails below.  Enjoy, I know I did!

To see what the greenhouse looked like before it was gutted, see Phil’s post over at The Daily Portsmouth.

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